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hoxsey compliant foods

When I first started on the Hoxsey protocol, each trip to the grocery took me hours because I was reading every label and trying to find what foods were compliant.  After several months, I found things I liked, which became staples I keep stocked in the kitchen.  


The diet is daunting, there is no reason to pretend otherwise.  Shopping, especially in the beginning, can be very discouraging because it literally feels like you can’t eat ANYTHING that everyone else can.  


However, do not despair!  Below are some of my favorite things.  I am lucky enough to have a Whole Foods Market accessible; however, if you don’t, check Amazon or other online options.  Also, standard grocery stores are carrying more and more of these items.  You can also talk to a store manager and see what they might be willing to add to their inventory if you ask.  


NOTE:  ALWAYS read the labels, even on items I have listed here.  First, I am not perfect and could overlook something and second, everyone’s journey is different and there may be some ingredient included that I find acceptable but someone else won’t.  Also, the biggest thing, you have to read EVERY label because different flavors or varieties of things have different ingredients. Just because one flavor does not have vinegar or sugar, another one might.

my golden finds

Here are some great things I've found throughout my journey that have practically saved my love of good food!

I'm lucky enough to have access to a local Whole Foods, and have included links there, but many of these items may be available at a store near you as well.



  • Bilinski's Brand Italian Chicken Sausage. 
    (The spicy is our favorite, but the mild is also very good.)  


  • Applegate Brand Turkey Bacon

  • Wellshire Brand Turkey Kielbasa Smoked Sausage
    (This sausage is so good!  It is the only one I’ve found that is compliant (all of the others are in a pork casing) but, to my absolute joy and surprise, it tastes amazing.  I was afraid I would have to settle for something not that good so that I could still make gumbo.  Take it from a cajun girl, this one is a keeper!) 


  • Whole Foods Brand Organic Mozzarella
    (Read the ingredients of other brands before you buy – some of them have vinegar!) 


  • Dairy Free Options: 

    • Vitalife and Daiya Brand Mozzarella Shreds

    • Follow Your Heart  Brand Plant-Based Blue Cheese and Feta



  • Alvarado Street Bakery Brand Bread-California Style 
    It’s in the freezer section, but I keep mine in the fridge.  This means you always have to toast it but it keeps for a long time.)


  • Silver Hills Squirrel Brand Bread

  • Cauliflower Crust


**Be warned – all sprouted, organic breads are not equal!  MOST of them have cane sugar, and many have vinegar.  Gotta read the labels! 



  • Whole Foods Brand Basil Pesto 

  • Artichoke Sauce
    (Watch the sodium content!)

  • Primal Kitchen Brand Cashew Alfredo Sauce 




  • Bubbie’s Brand Pickles 

  • Whole Foods Brand Black and Cannelini Beans **Already Cooked!**
    (One less thing to make from scratch! These come with no added salt or other ingredients in a cardboard container! No cans!  I keep these in my pantry at all times. I use the cannellini beans for White Chicken Chili, and I cook down the black beans with onion and jalapeño to eat on everything.) 


  • Penne Pasta 



  • Chicken – a lot of raw chicken is packaged in a vinegar solution.  

    • Further, most rotisserie chickens in grocery stores are made with chickens that have vinegar in them.  Be sure to read the label! 

  • I was shocked at how many things contain vinegar!  I always thought the vinegar would be the easiest one to live without, but it’s very hard because it’s in everything!  Cookies, pizza crusts, cheeses, meats, etc.  Even "healthy" options may include Apple Cider Vinegar because it's often thought of as a miracle ingredient and healer.  

  • Take note of the sodium content in anything prepackaged.  Learn about sodium levels and be aware!  This is a really sneaky one that most people were not really educated on – myself included.  Read the ingredients! If it says “Salt”, that’s the bad one.  Also, for those who may not know, the first ingredient listed is the one with the largest proportion.  So if Salt is first, put that package down! 

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