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Finding Mojo is about transformation.  


When life pivots, and it takes you a minute to catch up.  When you wake up one day and you don't recognize yourself.  This is exactly what happened to me. 


I was a typical “Type A",  success-driven control freak running several businesses and always chasing the elusive “more” when, in 2021, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  I had always been what I jokingly called “chronically healthy”, so to get this news at age 44 was quite a shock.  


Following in my maternal grandmother, Josie's, footsteps, I chose to pursue a holistic treatment protocol that saved her life almost 70 years ago. (Read her amazing story here.). Within a few months, my entire life had changed.  My main priorities had instantly become my health and healing and, all of a sudden, the very things that had always defined me – like being ambitious and driven – no longer felt right.  Like a piece of clothing that you once loved but doesn’t quite fit anymore.   


In retrospect, I can see that I am still that person - driven and determined to succeed - that I didn’t really lose myself like I thought I did.  It was that my goals changed from professional success to healing myself and helping others do the same.  


Throughout this process, I learned about “surrender”, which actually became the word I chose in January of 2022 to define the new year for me.  An acknowledgement that, if I stopped white-knuckling my way through life, always determined to control every aspect, and just let life happen, peace, happiness and abundance would follow.  


This shift changed my entire outlook and it was in this spirit that Finding Mojo was born.  Our purpose is to explore all things wellness, provide a support system for our Hoxsey community and help others find whatever it is that they are looking for: health, peace, healing, support or anything else they need on their unique journeys, while having as much fun as possible. 


what are you looking for? 

Molly Jo Juneau Vincent




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