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where our story really began


It all started in 1956…. 


     When given only months to live, our courageous grandmother from a tiny town in Mississippi traveled to Texas to see some “quack” about her “terminal” cancer. 


     The history of our family and the Hoxsey Method is much longer than most, spanning 65 years.  As a child growing up, it was just something we knew and accepted, that my maternal grandmother had been cured of numerous cancers using a natural method that most people immediately dismissed and that, “if we ever get cancer, we’ll just go to Mexico”.  This knowledge was like knowing a secret or having some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card to escape a looming adversary that strikes with regularity.  Even as a kid, I can remember thinking, “How in the world can there be a cure for cancer that is not shared, and more disturbingly, is shunned?".


     My grandmother, Josie Easter Williams, or “Nan” to us, was born on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1927.  In 1956, At the age of 29, she was ravaged with cervical cancer and, after being availed of all available conventional treatments, the cancer persevered.   Nan’s doctors, declaring there was nothing else to be done, sent her home to spend her last days ther with her husband and three small children.


     As she told us, she was 89 pounds and could not stand up to brush her teeth that morning.  She told the Lord then she was ready to go home…meaning Heaven.  She was a deeply faith-filled person.  That evening my grandfather brought home the book You Don’t Have to Die by Mr. Hoxsey.   A family friend had given it to him, as she had been successfully treated there for her own cancer.  He asked Nan to read it and told her he did not want to influence her opinion.  But after reading the book, her response was, “What do we have to lose?”.  


     Until this point, Nan had never been more than 50 miles from her small hometown of Derby, MS.  Yet, they packed their bags and drove to Dallas, TX to meet this man who could do the unimaginable with plants.  


     The Hoxsey story itself is amazing and extensive.  The short version is that Harry Hoxsey’s grandfather discovered this treatment as a veterinarian and, once he realized it also worked on humans, the American Medical Association (AMA) spent the next many decades fighting his success, even having him arrested over 100 times, and  then eventually driving the clinic out of the country. There is no profit to this method, only a great deal of financial loss to the multi-billion dollar (at the time) cancer industry if there existed a cure distilled from plants and not owned by them.  The most telling part is that the AMA tried to buy his recipe from him.   He refused to sell it knowing that they would either bury it or put such a high price on it that it would no longer be accessible to working people.  A more detailed rendering can be found here or reach out to the Biomedical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico for a copy of the book.


     After visiting the clinic, Nan began to take the tonic and, before their eyes, the cancer was healed and she regained her strength.  After healing the initial cancer and completing the regimen, she discontinued the tonic but contracted lung and breast cancer within the next few years.  When diagnosed by her US doctors, she would politely decline their condescending fear-driven lectures about the treatment she needed, contact Mildred Nelson at the clinic, and pack her bags for another journey.  By this time, the AMA had made the clinic’s existence in the US so difficult, they had relocated to Tijuana.  


     After fighting the subsequent breast and lung cancers, it became evident that Nan had a propensity for cancer to grow, so she made the decision to stay on the protocol permanently.  As a child,  I remember her having to take her tonic, and there were things she could not eat – pork, tomatoes, vinegar.  It was just a given.  


     In spite of being given only months to live in 1956, Nan lived to be 85 years old and passed away of natural causes in 2013.  Imagine if she hadn’t had the courage to defy the conventional system and acquiesced to the intimidation and narrow-minded thought processes of the medical arena.



      I would have never known her.  


     So when, in February of 2021, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I listened to my doctors and the “standard procedure to treat”. In the end I listened to my heart, following in Nan’s footsteps to Tijuana.  

     This dialogue is not intended to influence anyone to seek the Hoxsey treatment should they find themselves faced with cancer.  It is only intended to share my story, that of my grandmother, and others I have personally met so that people can know there are other options available. These options may make you healthier as opposed to injecting your body with poison that destroys the entire immune system in order to ambush cancer,  but your body is left ravaged and broken. In many cases, this conventional “cure” creates problems that ultimately lead to recurrence and a loss of the cancer battle. The Hoxsey protocol has proven that not only can we win the battle, we can win the War.

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