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about mojo

I am mojo... Molly Jo Juneau Vincent, to be exact.  


PIVOT.  That's exactly what life did to me when, at 44, I was staring down a cancer diagnosis.  Choosing a holistic treatment, I became immersed in the world of nutrition, alternative methods of healing, and how critical diet, exercise, and mindset are connected to healing.  

Which brings us to Finding Mojo.... 

In addition to the wellness aspect, I have experienced a life-changing journey, which is still ongoing,  and I found myself wanting to share this transformation and the similar experiences of others.  


Sometimes, you find exactly what you need in the most unexpected place.  Even on the other side of a cancer diagnosis.  

what are you looking for?

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About Section

the podcast

Finding Mojo is about transformation, determination and the quest for wellness.

Each week, on the Finding Mojo podcast, Molly talks with guests from all facets of health and wellness and dives into topics like:



Alternative and holistic healing

The Hoxsey protocol




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the recipes

With more and more data available strengthening the old adage “You are what you eat”, we have compiled some of our favorite recipes that are both Hoxsey compliant and taste great!  

The recipes we have here have all been made and tested by yours truly, so you can be sure I've done the label reading and research to make sure they fit in the guidelines as I understand them.

Healthy Food

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